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Personalized Floral Designs

I love discovering a new flower and a fun container to design with. I enjoy designing out of the box ideas, or creating my own vessels with foliage.

Hand Selected Gifts

Papyrus greeting card rack in store
Papyrus greeting cards
Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animals, books and baby apparel
Bunnies by the Bay baby products & gear
Beautiful wine glasses with etched drawings of dragonflies
Rolff Glassware
Joan's a keeper creams, scrubs and lotions
Joan's a keeper personal care products
Seattle Seed Company seeds, clippers, bags and brushes
Seattle Seed Company seeds & gardening products
A warm fuzzy looking blanket
Tag Blankets & Hostess Gifts
CTW Farmhouse painted aluminum containers
CTW farmhouse products
Earth friendly bags with cute designs and sayings on them
Primitives by Kathy gifts
Brumate and Swig insulated wine glasses
Brumate & Swig insulated wine glasses
Finding Home pancake and syrup gift set
Finding Home candles and gift sets
Imported and Local Wines
Imported and Local Wines
Variety of pretty real looking fake flowers
Pioneer artificial flowers